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Kintail, the world within earshot



Training in foreign languages for companies



We provide intensive English courses for adults

We help people make a significant improvement in speaking and understanding English, in the fastest possible time.

All one-to-one teaching or individual training


  1. The most effective method
  2. Individually designed courses
  3. The right teaching for your job requirements and your current level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference 
  4. Pedagogical and expertise  
  5. Effective training course 


Since January 2013, Kintail is a member of the Can Speak network, the first European Training companies in Languages. Kintail offers to his customers a domestic and international presence. We also provide an unequalled and reliable reactivity in a wide range of courses:

Seminars, face-to-face,E- Learning, blended learning, immersion training, distance courses

Kintail is committed to quality and belongs to OPQF since 2006

OPQF Qualification is a guarantee of reliability and seriousness and of strength for the partners





can-speak2 CPF

L'OPQF délivre un
certificat de qualification

en reconnaissance de leur professionnalisme.


CanSpeak est le premier réseau officiel qui réunit les meilleurs centres indépendants de formations linguistiques en France.


Le CPF prend la suite du dispositif DIF et a pour objet de favoriser
le développement des compétences et l'accès aux différents niveaux de la qualification professionnelle.




Can speak is the first official network that includes the independent Languages training centers in France



The right to training in order to favour staff‘s skills and qualifications.



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