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Group training - foreign languages




Group training are intensive training modules built around a particular theme. Predefined, usually short term, they focus effectively on a function or a professional situation.

You can choose in the menu on your left the most frequently requested training, and Kintail is at your disposal to develop new programs responding to your needs.





Intensive English


A full week of English to actually take a step in your training program.  


With a different trainer each day, to vary the accents and approaches, enhance your strengths and work on your weaknesses, you will take conscience of your ability to express yourself with much more ease.    


Regain a good level of English and your confidence to use it.



Professional English – Advanced training


You can already express yourself and exchange but you need to expand your knowledge in the different registers of language to provide shades to your expression and your understanding.  

Kintail helps you develop communicative skills to achieve the objectives of international professional communication required for each function of the company.







 Professional English - false beginner


.As most of us, during your schooling, you acquired notions of English, German, Spanish, etc.

But you need a review some bases, while focusing on your immediate needs.  

Kintail offers to review these basic by adapting the vocabulary and the language register to your activity


Click here to view the false beginner training program




English for international communication


To deal with the globalization of trade

This module allows you to acquire greater fluency and fluidity of your oral and written expression, to better adapt to the interlocutors of different cultures and, if necessary prepare an important professional deadline (negotiation, moving abroad, public presentations)


Click here to view the international communication program 




English conference speaker


You need to make a presentation to a client, for your manager or for the launch of a project, but you feel unconfortable, due to miss of practice and fluency ?

Kintail offers linguistic and communicative skills specific to allow you to tailor your presentation to your audience and make it more lively by using key words and technical language.


Click here to view the conference speaker program




English to travel


You need to book a hotel, take a taxi or a flight, or simply ask your way during a trip abroad? English has become inescapable.  

Kintail offers you to develop your language skills to enjoy your stay.


Click here to view the English for travelling program




English for the executive assistant


The executive assistant is a key position in companies, and its effectiveness is even more recognized when he or she also ensures the correspondence, and the organization with foreign interlocutors.  

Kintail offers to develop different language skills (oral, written, telephone) necessary for this position, allowing to adapt to people of different cultures


Click here to view the executive assistant program




English on the phone


How to handle a phone call in English

Accuracy and conciseness are major assets for effective telephone communication with an English speaking partner, but how to do it with maximum tact and kindness?  

Kintail offers you to develop your skills to improve your fluency and your sense of hospitality


Click here to view the english for phoning program




English to conduct a meeting



Globalization brings leaders and decision-makers to participate or organize working meetings bringing together stakeholders and partners from different countries.  

Kintail offers to develop animation language skill for an efficient meeting in English , by providing the necessary specific vocabulary, the clues to make it alive and productive while adapting to people of different cultures.


Click here to view the meeting program





English for shop selling


You manage a shop, a store, a trade in a very touristy area and you want to increase your turnover by attracting and loyalty a foreign customer?  

Kintail offers you to develop your language skills to better respond to the questions and expectations of foreign tourists and organize your point of sale taking into account this international clientele.


Click here to view the shop selling program




English for human ressources


More than any other human resources English, human resources managers should know the vocabulary specific to their function, handle the different registers of language, and integrate the cultural specificities of their international counterparts.   Kintail offers develop your language skills taking into account all the sensitive aspects of the management of teams in international and multicultural environment.Objectifs de la formation 


Click here to view human ressources program




English for transportation


 Increased internationalization of trade in the European Union as well as in the rest of the world requires that businesses adapt quickly and speak English as the language of global communication.   It is therefore essential for specialists of transport and supply chain to acquire language skills required in this area of activity.


Click here to view English for transport program




English for bus drivers


 Allow to control the basics of communication to exchange with foreign travellers (messages and answer questions), individuals and organizations (hobbies and institutions) met abroad.


Click here to view the bus driver program




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